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Apparently Leonard Fournette Would Be A Fit In Pittsburgh?

I just don't see it. I don't. 

For those of you keeping count, and obviously we all are, Fournette's name is now added to Cam Newton and Jameis Winston being potential fits in Pittsburgh

The Steelers have picks in the range of being able to take someone like Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Cam Akers, or hopefully even Jonathan Taylor. They definitely don't need to trade for an injury prone running back that will require over $4 million to your salary cap. 

Tomlin and Colbert have drafted a running back in the last three drafts and they're going to do it again on Thursday night. 

"But what about Minkah?! They traded for him! He's a big name!" 

Yeah but nowadays having a playmaker like him at safety is more important than a big name running back. That on top of the fact that he's been much more durable and reliable in his two NFL seasons than Fournette has. Plus, the Steelers were needy at safety after Sean Davis went down last year. 

Let Twitter talk all the talk about these trades leading up to the draft, but I wouldn't count on Fournette wearing black and gold in 2020. 

But hopefully Jonathan Taylor is.