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Darrelle Revis Returns To The New York Jets

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This is going to be the best make up sex I’ve ever had. Not gonna worry about what happened after you first broke up. Not even gonna think about the couple exes in between. All I know is right now we’re back where we belong. We’re that dysfunctional couple that loves hard and fights hard and I’m about to love myself so hard I’m gonna need this shirt to clean up

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Ever since parting ways with Revis the Jets secondary has been an absolute embarrassment. Looking back he was the type of player they should have just made it work in the first place. It sucks that in the meantime he won a goddam Super Bowl with the Pats, but what it boils down to is this:

The Jets got better by leaps and bounds
The Pats got that much worse
And even at the hefty price tag of over $40 mil guaranteed, the Jets had money to burn.

Phenomenal move by Woody and Mikey Mac. After a couple seasons of Idzik sitting around with his thumb up his ass its incredible to see this team hungry and AGGRESSIVE.