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Not Only Does Kevin Hayes Have Some Of The Sauciest Mitts, But He Also Has A Massive Heart. Donates Pizza And Cheesesteaks To Frontline Workers

Wayne Gretzky owns the majority of the offensive records in NHL history. But how many times did 99 donate a shit ton of pizzas and cheesesteaks to frontline workers during a global pandemic?

I can tell you right now that the answer is zero times. Meanwhile, The Best One is out here taking care of Philly's finest. Score 1 for Hayesy, 0 for The Great One. I'm not sure how great you guys are at math but if you check the scoreboard, Hayes just beat Gretzky 1v1. 

The man has a set of mitts made out of the finest silk in all of the land. He's got a motor that would put Ford out of business. He's got a heart the size of offseason Dustin Byfuglien. For reference: 

Supporting local small business, taking care of the workers and gifting some of the best pizza and cheesesteaks the city has to offer?


That's the Kevin Hayes Hat Trick right there. What a legend. What a beauty. They don't call him The Best One for no reason.