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Frank Reich Stays A Football Guy Even During Team Zoom Calls

The NFL is made up of dudes who like routine. They don't handle change well. At all. They are guys who take pride in wearing the exact same outfit every single day, who print off "catchy" phrases and preach them over and over. Repetition is key. 

But the struggle with change during quarantine has been real - especially with technology. 

It hasn't allowed them to be with "their guys" and coach 'em up on a daily basis. They don't have the ability to have one team, one heartbeat, one unit all in the same room together preaching to them. 

That hasn't stopped Frank Reich

The head coach of the Indianapolis Colts got all of his players on a zoom call for a team meeting, and do you think he was just going to sit in front of a computer like the rest of us schmucks? 

Hell no. 

He brought the podium. 

"Hey, we're respecting the environment that we're in - the virus. And not only are we going to do our part to take care of ourselves, we're going to do our part to take care of our families and other people as well, and it ain't gonna stop us from getting to where we want to go. It's not gonna stop us from getting better, it's not gonna stop us from uniting as a team, we're gonna use every avenue we can to get better, to get closer, even during these unique circumstances."

Talking about environment - check

Calling COVID-19 "the virus" - check

Preaching about getting better - check

The only thing missing from this football guy zoom call speech behind the podium was Reich bringing out a hardhat, lunch pale, and mask to exemplify being ready for a full day's work during quarantine.