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You Have To be Pretty Stupid To Chant "Overrated" To A High School Trae Young

I love old highlights like this. There's just something about watching NBA stars dominate average Joe's in high school that does it for me. I love them even more when it's a situation like this where an opposing team's fans starts an overrated chant about Trae Young and he immediately destroys them. Guy has been nutmegging defenders for years it seems. Talk about something from high school immediately translating to the NBA


I would have loved to be in the gym during this. How quickly do you think those kids regretted that chant? Immediately? Trae Young does not seem like the kind of guy you want to piss off and motivate as that highlight video clearly shows. I still don't get why we still hear those same takes at the NBA level. Trae Young might be a lot of things, but overrated is not one of them. Especially as a scorer. Doesn't matter if it was high school, college, NBA, whatever. The bowing at the end was perfect too. That's about as solid a mic drop as you can get after ripping the hearts out of everyone in that gym.

Clips like this also make me wish I went to a giant high school. You don't exactly get those sort of crowds when your entire high school has 200 kids in it. It's part of the reason I went to ASU, I wanted to be able to go to massive sporting events with huge crowds. I see high school gyms like this or high school football stadiums in Texas or some shit and get very jealous of what that must have been like. 

Now for your additional viewing pleasure, here's what Trae Young does when he gets those same chants at the NBA level