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Schefter Says Sources Believe Revis Will End Up A Jet

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Shocked. Utterly stunned. I have never been happier to be dead ass wrong about a situation. I would have bet the rent that it was just wishful thinking and smoke & mirrors on the Jets part. I also would have bet the rent that, while everyone fully acknowledges Revis is a hired gun who follows the money, the allure of New England would outweigh any extra money the Jets could throw his way.

Which is why I’ll love this even more if the Jets get it done. On top of the fact that Revis is the best at his position and fills an enormous hole in this Jets team, just choosing to walk away from the Pats makes it that much sweeter. Yes, of course I know he won them another chip and that ultimately trumps everything. But giving a “thanks but no thanks” to Bill Belichick and turning your back on Tom Brady is something every Jets fan can appreciate. I’m sure New England is picking their jaws up off the floor right now. And Pats fans of course will back track and flip flop and go back to all the shit they used to talk about Revis when he was a Jet the first go round, but we know deep down they understand their team will have gotten worse and the Jets will have gotten better, in a major way. And that my friends, is a good thing.

Thats really all that matters. Theres all this Jets vs Pats nonsense and all these fans bickering. The notion of sloppy seconds or damaged/tainted goods is such a joke. This guy is the most talented corner in the league and you want him on your team. Period. If the Jets make this happen they are a better team then they were yesterday, and the one GLARING hole in their D has been fixed. Thats all that I care about.

Now cue the motherfuckin music from “Mr Manhattan” Darrelle Revis!