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Some Teens Just Casually Passing Around A Blunt While CNN Does A Live Report



So this is obviously a touchy situation going on in Wisconsin.  Unarmed man killed by a police officer.  If recent history is any indication a situation like that can spiral out of control in a hurry.  But I’m not surprised that his friends showed up and starting smoking a blunt.  Why?  Because that’s what you do.  That’s called being a friend.  People freaking out about these kids are acting like they’ve never had a friend or family member die.  Somebody passes away, you all get together, roll it up and burn one.  Or you buy a bottle, crack it open and start sharing stories.  That’s what you do and that’s why I don’t blame those kids one bit for doing what they did.  Now, doing it right in front of the house where there’s news cameras crawling everywhere because it’s becoming a national story?  Well we’re gonna go ahead and chalk that up to a brief lapse in judgement.  Maybe take it around the back of the house or sit in somebody’s car.  Other than that slight error, they’re strictly paying homage to one of their fallen friends.  People offended by this are a bunch of squares.