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Ryan Pace Breaks Down His Draft War Room In His House

Of all the teams who are on red alert for fuck ups on zoom draft night, Ryan Pace and the Bears are at the TOP of the list. Likely to fuck up under normal circumstances. Multiply that by 10 when drafting remotely. 7 monitors that can be fucked up by a vacuum cleaner...not a great recipe. I also don't like the fact that he has 7 monitors. If you have 7 monitors you don't have one. He's over-prepared. He sounds like a guy who has never done a fantasy draft remotely before. You have your own que and your list and you have those picks ready to go when that little ding goes off and lets you know it's your turn. You look at your big board, you look at your roster, and when the Bears pick in the 2nd round...they could be going QB

I know there's always pre-draft smoke and bullshit, but this put a pit in my stomach. I think Pace is crazy enough to do it. Jordan Love or someone he LOVES slides to the 2nd round, Pace might just take him even though hes's got Mitch and already used another draft pick on Foles. We might need to see if we can pay his wife to fire up the vacuum. Disable him and his war room internet and just let the thing auto-draft for the entire weekend. Maybe that way they don't end up with Trubisky, Kevin White, Leonard Floyd, and Adam Shaheen.