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I Forgot How Badly Conor McGregor Embarrassed Draymond Green A Few Years Ago

"You come at the king, you best not miss."

Kids - that right there is the social media equivalent to speeding outta your corner for a title fight and getting knocked looney in 13 seconds...

What an unbelievably dumb post by Draymond in the first place. 

Like Conor says in that second comment - why the fuck would he be wearing a Draymond Green jersey? This Irishman who doesn't give a flying fuck about basketball? Especially in the lead up to his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, where everything he was wearing had further meaning in the finer details or acted as a chirp to Mayweather...

If you don't recall, McGregor was actually wearing the jersey of CJ Watson because that was who Floyd's ex-girlfriend cheated on him with in 2010, and when Floyd found out - he hit her, pulled her hair, twisted her arm, and went to jail. 

Actually a pretty deep dig, and an impressive ability to find that obscure jersey. God, that was a fun fight build. I loved the circus of it all.

Musta been so embarrassing for Draymond to go back into that Warriors locker room for the first time after getting ethered like that, huh? You try to say the team isn't rockin with McGregor, and then he metaphorically spits in your face, pats you on the head, and sends ya on your merry way, never to be seen again. That's tough. As longtime Stoolie Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal would say...

Random Fun Fact: I was supposed to go out to San Francisco to film the pilot of a show involving Draymond Green learning about MMA in October of 2018 - the week of McGregor/Khabib - but plans fell through on his end. Would've aired on Showtime. Seriously.