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What Would A Spring Or Winter College Football Season Look Like?

This was an intriguing tweet that surfaced last night. I've never heard of Mark Rodgers, but the Oklahoma radio host wouldn't be the first guy to break significant news that wasn't a "CFB insider." 

In all likelihood, this tweet probably means nothing. However, it does appear that contingency plans are being put into place throughout college football. I've heard that the Army-Navy game has booked Lincoln Financial for the spring in case of a season being moved from the fall. 

The winter season is laid out by Stewart Mandell, looks like this:

-Training camp starts after Thanksgiving.

-January 1st start date. 

-10 game season. 

-CFP is played on the same weekend as the Final Four.

-Bowl games during March Madness, if bowl games were to occur.

The other option is the spring season. 

-Training camp starts in late-January. 

-Season starts on February 27th. 

-10 game season

-Conference championships occur on May 8th. 

-College football playoff and bowl games happen on May 17th-May 29th. The championship game is on June 7th or 12th. 

The major issue with a spring season is it will go right into offseason workouts for the 2021 season. Players will be required to essentially play 2 seasons in one year. If you were a guaranteed 1st round pick, such as Trevor Lawrence, would you play in the spring season? Would you even risk the winter season? 

What would you do with the NFL Draft? Does it get moved back to after the CFB season? So many moving parts. 

Other issues would emerge from a contract perspective. If you were a G5 team scheduled to play a P5 team, you're relying on that payday for a multitude of reasons. Now that the season is reduced to 8-10 games, you'll lose out on that money. How bad would this affect the lower echelon of college football? I guess it's better than not having a season at all. 

This whole thing stinks.