Better Luck Next Time For This Tattoo Artist!

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Metro- This Bon Jovi tattoo might be the worst yet. We get that fans might want to ink their love for a famous person who doesn’t know they exist onto their bodies for all time, but we implore you to have a good think before doing it. This unfortunate tat, a tribute to Bon Jovi presumably, was uploaded to Reddit (via The Mirror) so others can commiserate with/laugh at the person who got it. It’s safe to assume this is meant to read ‘It’s my life – Bon Jovi’, but instead we have ‘it’s is my life – Jon Bovi’.




No fucking way is that real.  Not a chance.  Well, maybe the tattoo is real but the intent behind it can’t be.  It just can’t be.  Nobody is that stupid.  That person had to walk into the tattoo parlor and say, “Hey, I want a Bon Jovi tattoo but I want you to purposely fuck it up for laughs.”  Or they lost a bet and their punishment was people asking them about their incorrect tattoo for the rest of their days.  No way in hell did the tattoo artist try and do it correctly and ended up with that.  Spelling and punctuation errors like that are reserved for bloggers and bloggers only.  We can make those mistake because these blogs aren’t forever.  Hell, I don’t even know where these blogs are or if they keep them.  We might all wake up one day and the internet will be gone forever.  Blogs too.  That’s kind of the beauty of it.  But that Jon Bovi tattoo?  There forever.  With that kind of quality they would’ve been better off having an 8 year old do it for free.