Protect DJ LeMahieu At All Costs

When we interviewed Yankees reliever Adam Ottavino on The Short Porch recently we asked him who he is most worried for during the quarantine. His answer was immediate: DJ LeMahieu. This is a guy who physically cannot survive without baseball. He pretty much only cares about five things in his life: his wife, his two dogs, video games, chewing tobacco, and baseball. Take one of those away from him and he's a broken man. DJ decided to remain down in Florida during the quarantine so he could use George M. Steinbrenner field and continue to hit. Eventually GMS was shut off to anyone who wasn't rehabbing an injury so DJ was out of luck. Most players returned to their hometowns to wait out the virus, but DJ still stayed in the area because I believe he's based out of Florida anyways. 

Last night Kahnle, Britton, and Tauchman were playing COD and begging DJ to join the stream. Tauchman broke the news to the group that DJ went to bed early before 11! With news that George M. Steinbrenner was opening back up he couldn't help himself. Like a kid going to bed on Christmas Eve.

All to just hit in the cage. How can you not love that? Everyone would kill to have a guy like DJ on their team. I feel like when baseball resumes everyone is going to be so out of it after the quarantine and then DJ is going to be locked in going full speed right away. He might hit .400. 

Sign him to an extension NOW!