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Second Reminder: Larsa Pippen Had To Put Out A Statement Saying She Did Not And Will Not Fuck Ben Simmons

It's reminder season here at Barstool on a Tuesday. Specifically we're dropping reminders about Larsa Pippen and/or Scottie Pippen. It started when Carl dropped his gem of a blog with Larsa reminding everyone that Scottie did just fine money wise. Impossible to disagree with that there. First off, look at Larsa. Second of all, he made a SHIT TON of money in Portland and Houston, despite having an underpaid deal in Chicago. 

This morning I saw JackMac remind everyone about Larsa Pippen and Future:

An important reminder. But as the resident basketball guy here I wanted to remind everyone about something on the basketball court. Larsa Pippen has not and will not fuck Ben Simmons: 

Why is she saying this? Because she's good friends with the Kardashian's/Jenner's and obviously we all know the Ben Simmons/Kendall Jenner deal. You're lying if you said you don't. One of just hundreds of blogs on the two: 

That said, a fucking ruthless comment from Larsa Pippen back in August. Just straight up putting it out on the Internet - a place where people will believe anything and everything from a blogger moving to South Carolina to Larsa Pippen fucking Ben Simmons - that you will never fuck a dude. That's heartbreaking. Nobody and I mean nobody - male, female. Rich, poor. Famous, not famous. Pro hooper, basketball blogger - wants to hear that someone will never fuck you. Sure, you just assume it, but you don't want someone to go public saying that. You know what happens then? This. 

Also a reminder, this is Larsa Pippen: 

PS: This was in no way a blog to get cheap pageviews. This is journalistic integrity at its highest in order to provide information on the current hot topic.