I Am Now A Master At Life And Everybody Must Bow Down And Respect My Greatness

Yes, you really DID just see that. Look at those impeccable 2 absolute chucks to take out Honk & Muj in our Gunfight tourney on Sunday night. Being that that was on a got me to think that most of you don't know I moonlight as a throwing knife artist. Whenever I play with the General it's mostly on Warzone which isn't too throwing knife/riot shield friendly...but when I play with my friends I turn into just that. It's almost like a Bruce Wayne/Batman type of thing I have going on.

I mean really the ONLY other time this has been revealed was one random time we played a game of Search back in February...


And then yesterday as we were preparing to start our stream with Jordan Elsass of Little Fires Everywhere friggen' Honk didn't believe me when I told him I had 2k+ Throwing Knife kills!

Well Henry….You come at the king, you best not miss.

That's a 42% success rate on throwing knives for those keeping scores at home. No big deal. I'm a .400 hitter which makes me the Ty Cobb of Throwing Knives. 

Come hang in the chat today as we're going for a Gunfight Tourney Victory with the General & WSD. The Throwing Knife King will only be using Throwing Knives when they are supplied to us.


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