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Last Night Was The Debut Of "The Midnight Hour With RA"

So I decided to try something new and give a late-night internet show a whirl. I was always a huge fan of the Johnny Carson/David Letterman combo way back in the day so I figured I'd try to scratch that itch. After some early hiccups, I finally got rolling and on the proper outlet.

It was pretty similar to one of my Instagram Q&Js minus me huffing a stick on camera. I went over some topics I had written down but obviously it's tough to have a convo with yourself so I ended up taking a lot of questions. The time did fly by which was a good sign. But with more reps and less tech fuck-ups, this might have the makings of a keeper.

To watch/listen, just click on the Tweet above. I come in after the intro tune about 2:20 in.

Overall first ep grade: B- (RFI: room for improvement)

Overall first ep fit grade: A- (the pork-pie bucket got major props, the Felix Grays lend an air of sophistication, and that red w/gold Chiclets hoodie that every Flames fan should already own is

Lemme know what you think in the comments.