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Blue Chips (FULL MOVIE)

I snuck this movie into a blog I posted earlier today and haven't stopped feeling bad because I know some of you guys are going to miss it. So here we go again because it's an amazing movie. I'm going to find a reason to talk Blue Chips heavy on sirius or Red Line because I honestly think it's that underrated of a sports movie. I'm not suggesting it go next to Hoosiers or carries the sentiment of Rudy, but history has quickly forgotten how dead on balls accurate this portrayal of college recruiting really is. So much so that the NCAA had a bunch of the extras in the movie murdered a couple weeks after it came out I'M JUST KIDDING but if they did would you suspect otherwise? 

That's my point. You don't even know what's real and what's not these days. The more exposure I get to conspiracy theories and really just sitting next to Chief and listening to him connect dots, the more I realize that the last thing we need to be regulating is college sports. It's fucking sports. Someone go after the tech companies and the banks and the billionaires that are busy harvesting unicorn blood for a new eugenics lab in the South Pacific. Don't even get me started on those goddamn monsters. And in the mean time, Penny & Shaq gotta hustle around like a couple hookers just to put some food on the table all while I'm lead down some path of moral introspection because IDK how I feel about the duffle bag of cash when the Good Guy NCAA says it's wrong. It doesn't take a degree in recreation sport and tourism to realize just how trash the whole system is and how ripe the market is for Adam Silver to start snaking the actual 5-star blue chip players into the G-League. Truthfully any reality where the NCAA doesn't exist is better than the one we have today and that's coming from part of the 99.9% that went pro in something other than sports. I went smut.