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The Best Jersey Reveal In All of Sports Today: An Italian Soccer Team Changed Its Jersey Based On A 6-Year-Old's Design And It's FIRE

What a day for jersey reveals in sports. Wish it was Thursday so we could use #Jerzday (RIPIP). First we had the Chargers drop theirs: 

Top-1 jersey in the NFL now. I don't wanna hear from the Steelers, Raiders, Saints, etc. It's the Chargers. And if we're ranking the jerseys: 

6. Dark blue color rush

5. Light blue top/white pants

4. Light blue color rush

3. White top/gold pants

2. All white 

1. Blue top/gold pants

But now we're going to talk about different football. This Italian club Pescara, who just revealed a new jersey based on the design of a six year old. A 6 year old! How the shit does someone at 6 draw as well as Chaps and Kate? You wanna talk about an upgrade? This is what they are wearing now: 

And now instead they are wearing this? 

A dolphin playing soccer? That's a fucking top jersey in all of sports. I don't want, I need that kit.