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Contestants From Pilot Pete's Season Of 'The Bachelor' Can't Stop Throwing Shots At Him And Kelley

I gotta tell ya, these Bachelor storylines are really keeping me alive during this quarantine. Even though the world has stopped, The Bachelor Universe keeps rolling right along. We had Tyler C and Hannah Brown quarantining together down in Florida, we've got Victoria F quarantining with Chris Soules in Iowa (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and then of course there's Pilot Pete quarantining with Kelley in Chicago. Oh and of course we had Hannah Ann comparing Pete's dick to cauliflower. 

The latest thing is Madison seemingly taking a shot at Kelley. A few of the contestants made a Pass The Brush video on Tik Tok and a person commented, "where is kelly" to which Madison responded, "with our ex lol". ICY. Safe to say that the other girls from Pilot Pete's season are not happy with Kelley's decision to get back together with him. 

Then Tammy posted the video and put "Featuring: women who are too good for peter lol"


Shots getting fired all over the place.

Listen I hear a lot of people saying things like, "When are they just gonna get over it?? This makes them look so childish" and I kind of agree with that. At some point they're all gonna have to get over Pilot Pete and his shitty performance as The Bachelor BUT I also want the Bachelor headlines to keep happening because it's great entertainment. So keep doing it.