Where Does "DaMarco Polo Minor" Rank In Greatest Sports Names Of All Time?

I don't know much about the Milwaukee Area Technical College basketball program other than they just landed the best name in college sports and it's not even close. I don't even care about the rest of the top 10. It's like that one season when Alabama globally embarrassed The University of Notre Dame in front of a very horny Brent Musberger. As the polls and history will reflect, it's DaMarco Polo Minor at #1, and then everybody else. There is no 2. 

Unrelated but semi-related because we're talking college basketball recruiting. I love the movie Blue Chips:

That's a mid-blog Full Movie just because I love you guys and we're all bored. Enjoy Shaq's big screen debut in what's a criminally underrated sports movie. 

As for DaMarco, he comes from one of the Chicago area's most famous high schools in Thornton Township. It's a factory for professional athletes. One year they had Antwaan Randel El, Melvin Ely, Napoleon Harris and Tai Streets on the same team. That's like 36 years of professional experience handling the ball for you in the IHSA state playoffs. The only other combo that rivaled Thornton in the 90's was Mt. Carmel starting Donovan McNabb at the 1 and Antoine Walker at the 2. Those were the good old days and I'm happy a name like DaMarco Polo Minor has me vibing on them. Thank you kind sir. 


Here's some highlights from the youngster. Hopefully his college teammates have success finding him on the court! ZING: