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This Scene In The Well Acclaimed TV Series "The Sopranos" Is The WORST Scene In Television History!!!

Please excuse the clickbait headline, but I'm taking some lessons from my new best friend, Click Bait Smitty (CBS for short). To make up for shenanigans like that, here are a few pics of Sierra Skye's ass that I stare at in a totally not creepy way before I go to sleep every night:

Am I forgiven? Okay good. Glad we're all friends again.

So like everyone else I'm binge watching a LOT of TV throughout quarantine. I have seen the Sopranos already and love it, but after rewatching it a second time I realize how bad some of the acting is. I'm not talking about any of the main characters, but some of the extras and the direction is just SO goddamn corny, and this scene here was so bad that it made me laugh out loud in spite of someone getting whacked:

Unbelievably hilarious. Jackie Jr. just strolling along all ho hum and out of nowhere a fat 300 pound greaseball gabagool unironically named Vito appears on in the frame and blows Jackie's brains out.  How in the world did Jackie not see him!!! Just laugh out loud funny editing right here. It was so funny I couldn't even be mad that it ruined an important scene for me. 

Now, I've never shot a hand gun, but I'm pretty sure they have recoil too. My PS4 controller vibrates more than this gun kicked:

You will without QUESTION see a better and more realistic use of a pistol today when me, Smitty and Glenny Balls win gunfight match after gunfight match on Warzone today.