The Chargers New Uniforms Are Sex Personified


Now THAT is how you reboot old school uniforms with a modern twist. Boltman is going to be cumming lightning everywhere when he sees these beauties. I am honestly going to make sure I draft at least one Charger in fantasy this year, which is the highest compliment I can give a team since I am pretty much giving them my soul, just because I feel like these unis are going to make everyone wearing them significantly faster and stronger. Good luck tackling powder blue Austin Ekeler in the open field or guarding Keenan Allen 1-on-1 with yellow pants and a number on his helmet. Even the electric and navy blue jerseys get my plums percolating. It's such a goddamn shame that the Chargers are a team without a fanbase because they have always had some of the most fun players in the NFL along with some of the finest threads. 

Speaking of which, I don't want to hear anybody complain when everyone continues to call them the San Diego Chargers. It's easy to slip up when a team is playing its home games in a stadium for ants with more fans of the opponent in the stands. But when you make your throwback jerseys your everyday jerseys that just scream beautiful laid back San Diego, you are the San Diego Chargers. If you want to be known as the LA Chargers, get your own jerseys, stadium, and fanbase. If not, embrace being the the goddamn beautiful powder blue San Diego Super Chargers.


It's going to feel so weird not watching Phil Rivers try to win a game