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Ben Simmons' Back is Officially Back

Sixers News! Real Sixers News!

Ben Simmons' back injury has "all but dissipated" is great news. Ben Simmons "will play again if the season continues" is great news. Does it matter at all? Probably not. The pessimistic, depressed, Philly fan in me is at a point where I believe that sports will never return, and I will never find happiness. However, I guess theres nothing wrong with playing pretend.

Let's say that the season returns for the playoffs in Vegas, or Disney World, or the fucking moon. I don't care. That obviously means that we have a salivating first round matchup against the Boston Celtics with NO HOME TEAM. In this scenario, I'm actually happier the Sixers would be a 6 seed rather than a 5. If we don't have to go into The Garden, I believe we matchup better against the Celtics than the Heat. We've beat them 3 out of 4 times this year, and without Horford, their once treacherous defense on Embiid looks to be non existent.

The one problem with Embiid dominating the Celtics, won't be the Celtics defense, but actually Embiid's fat quarantine body. Embiid has to be so out of shape right now right? He can barely get up and down the court when he's tuned into the schedule of a professional athlete. What could his conditioning possibly look like right now when the entire planet is getting fat as fuck sitting on the couch? I want to say that he is doing his best to stay in shape at his house, but there's no way that it's the same as his normal regimen. Not to mention the amount of Chik-Fil-A sandwiches and milkshakes he's getting delivered. Larry from Grubhub is probably  living off of Joel's daily tip.

Nonetheless, Simmons being healthy gives the Sixers a fighting chance. It's a good day to be a Sixer fan. Even if this year doesn't resume, at least we can assume that this Simmons back injury isn't going to be a serious career long thing. Hopefully.