Awesome GoPro Footage Of A Guy Hauling Ass On His Superbike

$15,000. For $15,000 you can buy yourself a machine that will blow just about any Porsche, Mercedes or Ferrari out of the water. It's tough to put into words just how fast these bikes are, but to give you some perspective here are two pictures. The first is of the driver leaning into a left turn. The "2" in the bottom right represents the gear he's in. So in second gear, he's going 58mph.

Here's what happens when he hits 3rd...

Boom- 146mph. That's an EIGHTY-EIGHT mile per hour increase in less than three seconds. Oh, and there are still three more gears to get through. 

There are so many of these videos on the internet and every one of them blows my mind. One of my favorite accounts to follow is biker.cartel. It's more street style riding which teeters on the edge of scumbaggery, but the videos are wild. Here are a few:

Insane. I'll tell ya what, I'm getting an itich to get back on a bike now that the weather s getting a little warmer. I won't becuasue I know it's a death sentence, but a boy can dream.