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Doc Antle From Tiger King Sleeps With An AK-47 Because He's Getting So Many Death Threats

(Daily Mail)--'Tiger King' star Doc Antle has started sleeping with an AK-47 after receiving up to 50 death threats a day. 

The 60-year-old features in the Netflix documentary alongside private zookeeper Joe Exotic - who was jailed for 22 years in 2019 after being found guilty of paying a man to kill animal rights activist Carole Baskin - and Doc revealed he is worried activists will kill him. 

He also told The Mirror that he walks around with a 'pistol in his pocket and another in his glove box.'\

Fucking Doc Antle. He flew too close to the sun. He had been living one way for like 30 years. He invites Netflix into his home and all of a sudden he's getting death threats. Why? I don't know for sure. I guess...maybe...people don't think running a quasi-religious sex cult on a ranch in Florida where you keep dozens of wild animals and endangered species locked in cages is cool. People don't like that. In reality, they could've done an entire documentary on just Doc Antle and it would've had a very similar vibe to "Wild Wild Country" where the cult leader there was seen as this EVIL and manipulative psychopath. But nope, Doc Antle was the third biggest star and nowhere near as hated as Carole Baskin. If Doc Antle is getting 50 death threats per day, then how many is Carole Baskin getting? A thousand? She is public enemy #1 for the entire country right now. Maybe #2 behind Coronavirus, but that is it. Remember when Taylor Swift had to turn off comments on her instagram because of what Kim Kardashian did to her by releasing that bullshit video? People just replying with snakes until infinity to everything she said. Well imagine what fucking Carole Baskin's youtube/facebook pages must look like now? 

"Hello all you crazy cats and kittens"

The entire internet:

BAD time to be a hated person. Death threats are always bad. Not excusing them. But IF someone were ever going to feel compelled to write a death threat, now would be the time. People have infinite amounts of time and energy to burn. I bet the bad yelp reviews on delivery and angry death threats to insane people profiled on documentaries are at an all-time high. You probably see some normal-ish people getting in the death threat game out of sheer boredom. Hatred that they normally have towards their boss has to go somewhere and it looks like Don Antle and probably Carole Baskin are getting a taste.