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BOOBIES SAVE: Fake Breast Implant Deflects Bullet To Spare Woman's Life

(File Boobies - NOT The Boobies That Were Fired Upon)

TDM - A woman who was shot in the chest avoided death after one of her breast implants deflected the bullet away from her heart, leaving her with only a fractured rib.  The unidentified Canadian woman, 30, told medics that she was shot while walking down the street, causing her to 'feel heat and pain' in her chest, as well as see blood. However, doctors said her life was 'likely' saved by one of her fake breasts because the silicone implant lay over her heart and deflected the bullet's trajectory.  Incredible x-ray images show the bullet lodged in the side of the woman's breast, while another shows the removed implant which has been damaged by the bullet.

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WOW!  BOOBS!  What can't they do?!?!?! Exactly!  They nurture as well as save lives from gunfire!  It's nice to know that even during a pandemic there are still unsung heroes out there going above and beyond their duty!  Looks like Benedict Clay Travis was right about two things he believes in, the First Amendment and BOOBS:

Go BOOBS go!