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Lakers Announcer Is Hinting At A Kobe Version Of 'The Last Dance' - Said Cameras Followed Them Everywhere His Last 2 Seasons

Yep, this sounds about right. It's no secret that Kobe tried to mimic everything about Jordan's game. He had the midrange jumper down. His half spin move to create space. Shit even his walk into the arena was copied from Jordan - that's why Kobe was the closest to Mike we've seen. LeBron is just a different type of player. So I'm pretty sure that Kobe knew about the Last Dance and that MJ had cameras following the Bulls around. 

Here's the thing though. It makes even more sense to drop a Kobe doc at some point in the next few years. With the way his career went, ending with all those injuries before the last game and hitting the game-winner. Obviously after his career ended too with the Mamba Academy and the helicopter crash. It would not shock me at all if there's a 5-part Kobe doc that comes out. Shit, you could do at least 2 episodes just on him and Shaq playing together. That's one of the most fascinating combos out there. 

Oh and that name you heard? Gotham Chopra. Shout out Channel 1. Remember Gotham Chopra and Channel 1? I can't even find a video to put in that's how old Channel One is. It was like a 20 minute news show for high school kids that we 100% had to watch every morning in home news. But it also launched the career of Maria Menounos, Anderson Cooper, Gotham Chopra, Errol Barnett. It was actually decent. Shout out Channel One. 

But really, this is about the Kobe doc. What a casual way to drop that you had cameras following you for two seasons. Honestly, I think I'd be more interested in the Shaq years or when he had to land Pau as that second player. Those are the years that I want to watch.