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Eric Lindell Is PERFECT Springtime Music

I've found SO MUCH new music throughout quarantine.  Now I'm not talking "new" music as in they're just hitting the scene, more that I'm just now discovering them. Eric Lindell is one of those artists. He is fucking FANTASTIC and I think most people would agree with me.

He's got a John Mayer/ Grateful Dead soul music vibe to him.  Now that we're making the comparison, I'll go ahead and say it: he has a MUCH better voice than John Mayer does IMO. Pure vocals obviously takes a distant third to song writing and guitar playing for John Mayer obviously, but Eric Lindell can REALLY belt it is my point.

His commercially popular songs is "Lay Back Down":

But his ENTIRE catalogue is fantastic. Do yourself a favor and give him a shot - I'm calling him the perfect spring time artist. You won't be disappointed. Really easy listening.