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Here's An Absolutely Preposterous Statistic For You About The MJ Era Bulls Before You Hit The Sack

That includes every playoff game back-to-backs and Christmas morning and when the world is out to get you every time because you're the bad boy on the block and everyone wants to beat you. Literally every single time out and the other guy is catching plus odds. I don't think people really understand just how crazy this statistic is because they're too busy giving LeBron James a fresh helmet wash over some trash tik tok. Bunch of bullshit if you ask me. 

Elsewhere, I imagine the streak ended in Utah for the finals at 6,100 feet of elevation. They say it ends in June of 97 so it would probably be game 3. The Jazz were down 2-0 in the Finals and were coming home to an arena that had seen them win 23 straight going back to February of that season. They were fucking awesome at home that year and that's honestly what it took for the Bulls to be underdogs. Just an onslaught of unfavorable circumstances to move the money line the other way and even then my guy had the Bulls +105. Some fucking underdog huh. 


Speaking of underdogs and streaks and all this shit, it's actually relevant because after this streak ended, MJ delivered one of the most memorable playoff moments of our lives. A flu game back when people respected the flu.  Guy left his bed at 6pm for a 7pm tip then went out and buried the state of Utah with a shovel I call Mid Range Efficiency. Hit the music. 

PS - Just so we're clear 185 straight games of being favored is why we have the word bananaland at our disposal

PPS - Goodnight