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I'm Pretty Sure Chase Young Disrupts 97% Of Plays, The Tape On Him Is Incredible

You gotta watch all 3 of these videos. I paused Roller Coaster Tycoon to blog this. I can't believe Redskins Twitter is considering trading down. Chase Young is unbelievable. There's no reason to overthink this pick. You watch this tape and just An immediate game changer. Takes so much pressure off the DBs because he's forcing the quarterback to make off-balanced throws or check downs. And if he's doubled, well, we have Montez Sweat coming off the other side. Here's the other two videos from the thread. 

Chase Young didn't "disappear in big games", the entire offensive scheme was designed around him. That's how big of a difference he makes. 

It's not every day a talent like this drops into your hands. Let's go with worst case, not including injuries (knock on wood), let's say his floor is 8-10 sacks a season in his prime. His ceiling? Lord knows. 

I wish there were more detailed stats in football for things like "sacks caused", like when Chase is coming off the end and the QB steps into a d-lineman from the other side, or "yards lost due to pressure", as in when someone is open downfield but the pass can't be made because of the pressure. You see so much of that here.

Sorry for babbling, I'm just excited. This seems like more and more of a home run pick day after day. Please lord baby Jesus lying there in your little ghost manger lookin' at your Baby Einstein developmental videos, learnin' 'bout shapes and colors, please don't let the Redskins screw this up. It's all I'm asking.