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Tom Brady Was Spotted In Tampa Bay... BREAKING THE LAW???

For 20 years Tom Brady was a New England Patriot. He was a pillar of morality. A man who never once considered breaking a law or bending the rules. He was so clandestine that many thought he was building towards a career in politics - a career littered with upstanding citizens. And now we have the mayor of Tampa Bay, doing everything she can to keep her community safe, and what does she see but this rule breaker causing a stir in her sleepy city by the ocean. Does Tom think the Buccaneers are a literal gang of swashbuckling pirates and not just a football organization bearing their image to sell merchandise? I'm worried he's hit full on mid-life crisis. He's going to show up to games on a motorcycle and drive straight to the 50 yard line like American Badass era Undertaker. First he renames the entire city Tompa Bay and now this. Someone needs to reel in this rapscallion and clearly it will not be the mayor of Tampa Bay who just let Tom have his run of the roost. This lack of leadership and accountability is sure to come back and bite them in the rear end in the long run and it's truly a shame to see a once promising career come to such a disappointing end. Guy wins a couple of Super Bowls and thinks quarantine laws don't apply to him. Troublesome to put it lightly.