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Draymond Green Went Off About Kevin Durant And Their Last Season Together

Go off Draymond! Now this is what I'm talking about. It was only a matter of time before Draymond took all this new found time he suddenly has and got in front of a camera to talk about KD. As far as I can remember this has to be one of the most open and honest rants we've heard from Draymond about that whole season and Durant debacle. Sounds like everyone knew right from the jump that things were messed up as soon as KD took the one year deal. Didn't matter what bullshit Steve Kerr tried to spin it into, the players were pissed and it caused a rift. 

The big issue was the fact that KD didn't just come out and say it was a wrap. That's what got everyone all pissed off. When I hear that I immediately think of when Ray Allen left to go to Miami. They all said one of the biggest reasons for the beef wasn't that Ray left, its that he didn't tell the Big 3 about it beforehand. That seems to rub guys the wrong way. Draymond makes a great point too, Durant's future was a gigantic distraction that his teammates had to deal with. It was up to them to answer questions about it since Durant never really talked about it. It's one thing to hear the rumors about what may have caused the unravelling, but to hear it from Draymond himself, someone that clearly clashed with KD 


is an interesting perspective. Maybe a little bias, but I'm all for them both just opening the floodgates and airing everything out. Who cares, you're not teammates anymore and we nee entertainment during this quarantine. May as well get it all in the open since we all have nothing better to do in order to pass the time and get us to Sunday.

And don't think I didn't notice that Draymond is saying all this shit on LeBron's network. It'll go viral and that's good for LeBron and good for Klutch Sports. Quick question, who is Draymond repped by? Oh that's right he switched to Klutch last year. Fucking Rich Paul man, the guy runs the basketball world.

Now we wait for Kevin Durant, who surely will let this slide and not get mad online about it. I'm sure this will go over well.