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Mumford And Sons Just Released A New Song That Doesn't Sound Anything Like Their Old Songs And I HATE Change!





What are you doing Mumford and Sons??? Where’s the banjo? Where’s the whispering that turns into yelling and boot stomping? Where is Stringer Bell?!?! Why the hell did you have to go and change everything on us?




HATE when people do this. They have a recipe, something that works, it may be old and outdated, but it works. Then, whether it be because of outside pressure or just a feeling that change is needed, they take everything that worked for years and years and flip it all on it’s head. So dumb. Stick with what works guys. People don’t like change, they like consistency. They like to wake up and see the same thing packaged the same way every single day. You drastically change on people and they’re likely to riot. Fucking morons, amirite or what guy?




That was just Mumford and Sons doing a Coldplay cover right?