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Dwyane Wade Is Loving These Last Two Days Since He Just Wants To Spend Retirement Watching Documentaries And Getting High

So often we look at people in retirement like yep, that's how you should be living. Well, Dwyane Wade is doing exactly that. Who amongst us doesn't like to watch documentaries and get high? That's simply just living correctly. He knows he doesn't have a drug test coming, which has to be an unreal feeling. Do you know how many times Wade probably wanted to make a 4/20 joke, especially as a dad? EVERY YEAR, no doubt about it. 

But here's the thing, he's right. It's been a bleak month-plus with coronavirus. We haven't had a lot to look forward to and just so much negative news everywhere you look. But this week? We had The Last Dance off to a hell of a start. We had 4/20 today. We have The Challenge on Wednesday (subscribe to No Quitters). We have the Draft starting on Thursday. That carries us through until the Last Dance on Sunday. This is the best week in quarantine yet. 

I'll say this - if D. Wade ever wants to watch some hoops documentaries, get high and talk well I'm in. The hell else we got to do?