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Do Not Let Woody Johnson Get Your Hopes Up For Darrelle Revis

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I gotta be honest, I cant believe Jets fans are even buying into this hype about potentially landing Revis again. The media and the fans are making it out to be this 50/50 coin flip. Like its two evenly matched franchises and its gonna be a nail biter, game time decision for Revis. This is classic smoke and mirrors from Woody Johnson. I’ve been seeing it with the Mets and Jets forever. Floating out ridiculous rumors to get the fans hopes up and placate them. Make it look like you’re in on the most coveted free agent even when you have no shot at signing them.

There’s been zero indication that New England is going to let him walk. They are poised to make another title run comprised exactly how they are. Darrelle Revis finally got a taste of winning. The Pats I think have been pretty clear they intend to keep him. We’ve already seen other guys take less money to stay with that team. And we really think Bill Belichick and Kraft are gonna lose this battle to Woody Johnson and the Jets? To me this seems like a one in a zillion shot that people are making out to be a pick em toss up. Crazy talk.

I will say this – if Woody Johnson wants to get credit for being in on Darrelle Revis, then he needs to give him a blank check. I know reports have said he’s willing to back up the Brinks truck, but then prove it. You want me to believe he’s really your most coveted player then say to him “How much money is it gonna take?” Whats the premium on leaving a very legit shot at winning another title? Whats the premium to come play for a team that still doesnt have a QB? That has a new coach and GM and is a state of flux at the moment. I mean these are all the things Darrelle Revis would have to be OK with. Leaving the best QB/Coach tandem in history to go back to a 4-12 team that once dealt him. Its honestly a little wacky that we’re even acting like this is remotely possible.

Theres a 1% shot that this could happen, and thats if Revis is somehow content with one ring. Like, I got my championship, I liked it in New York, they are offering me twice the money, fuck it I’ll go back. Truly straight up mercenary status to a fault. If thats somehow Revis’ mentality, I guess lets keep continue talking about this. But otherwise this is just everyone buying into the Woody Johnson spin.