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Tacko And Jaylen Brown Absolutely Killed Their IG Live Appearance

Well that was exactly what I needed to see today. We already know both Tacko and Jaylen are electric on their own, but you put them together on Day 41 without Celtics basketball and they could have just sat there in silence for hours and I would have loved it. Having said that, what we did get was rather entertaining. Their love for one another is geniune and you can tell, think of how forced the chemistry was last season. You could tell nobody really liked one another, and here we are a year later and there's chemistry oozing out everywhere. There's a lot to get to so let's take it from the top

- Yeah maybe I did tear up a little bit when they both said they missed each other. What of it? 

- I am extremely interested to see what Tacko looks like once he has Steph Curry-esq handles. My guess is he immediately becomes the most unstoppable force in the league both on the block and on the perimeter. We know he's already working on his threes, nobody can stop him on the block, and now he's spending this quarantine improving his handles?!?!?! Let's go

- I feel for Tacko trying to learn that dance. That felt very relatable to a washed up blogger like myself. 

- How does Jaylen not know who Charles Oakley is? Should we be concerned that Oakley is going to find Jaylen and beat the shit out of him so he learns his name? I am not ready to rule that out. The one thing I know is you do NOT disrespect Oakley in any shape or form. 

- Tacko Hendrix amirite?

- I'll be honest, I don't love Jaylen talking about Banner 18. We've been down this road before. I know he said they need to earn it and all that shit, but I don't care. Pretty sure he should be forbidden from making any sort of title prediction. That pissed off the Basketball Gods the last time he talked about winning 5 titles and I'd rather not relive that again. 

- Could not be more thankful the league is filled with moron GMs who didn't want to bring in Tacko's greatness. What a huge mistake that turned out to be. Not only can Tacko play at this level, but the joy he brings to your locker room cannot be overlooked.

- Who is more annoyed with Enes? His teammates or anyone that watches him in drop coverage. Discuss. 

All in all this ended up being about as incredible as I hoped it would be when I first learned these two would be hopping on IG Live. Yeah it made me miss them all even more and a little depressed realizing there's no end in sight to his hiatus, but this was the light hearted wholesome Celtics content I needed. Man is it impossible to not love this team.