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The NFL's Mock Draft For Thursday Night Sounds Like A Shitshow That Had A Technical Glitch After One (1) Pick

Holy shit, Thursday night is going to be so entertaining. We all had the time of our lives watching a well-produced two hour doc together last night, but Thursday is going to be the complete opposite because of the chaos that may ensue as a bunch of Football Guys try to communicate with each other using the internet before phoning in their pick. Will the wrong player be selected because an exec misheard something on choppy internet made everything sound like a Barstool Skype Rundown? Will Roger Goodell's computer get hacked and show his search history? Will a GM forget to turn on mute before heading to the bathroom? There are a million things that make this year's draft Must Watch TV outside of the extremely important selection of which super athletic freaks your team chooses to have on the books for a team friendly deal for 5 or so years.

Also, please realize I said Thursday night is going to be entertaining and not necessarily fun. Because any fan who has a team run by people that are either cheap, morons, or have their internet being run by an All Business Pete are going to be just as terrified their front office is going to fuck up the pick because of something the GM did as they are for something the IT team did. Or both in the Giants case.

Once this mock is over, we need the internet to bully the NFL into releasing the mock draft footage since that seems to be working a lot lately. #ReleaseTheMockDraftCut