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Is Donald Trump More Than Just A Casual Fan of Vindog's Memes?

On March 5th, Donald Trump shared this targeted meme aimed at Michael Bloomberg. 

At first, I didn’t think much of it, but then I remembered getting followed by a member of Trump’s communication team. So I sent out this tweet: 


Then I did a little more digging through my followers and noticed there are many more Trump staffers following me. Here’s a handful of them that includes members of their PR team, War Room, AND Trump’s Assistant and Director of Social Media, Dan Scavino. Scavino's follow made me consider there’s a real possibility their team is seeking insight from the arsenal of Barstool’s Vindog… 

I woke up yesterday and saw another targeted meme from Donald Trump, this time aimed at Barack Obama and Joe Biden. 

The thought entered my mind again. Is Trump’s team keeping their eye on my Twitter feed as they build up their meme arsenal? Is it just a coincidence? But, then why are so many of his staff members following me, including Dan Scavino, DIRECTOR OF SOCIAL MEDIA??  

I will never know for sure unless we begin to see Trump starring in his own live-action memes…