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Hope You All Have Fun Knowing You'll Never Be As Cool As This Kid

Nothing like logging on to the ol' internet machine on a Monday and having your entire week ruined by the fact that there's a 12-year-old out there who is way cooler than you could ever even dream of being. There are very few things in this world more intimidating than a super chill child, and this kid ripping up some sidewalk chalk waves is as chill as it gets. 

I guess it kind of helps when your dad is one of the best big wave surfers on the planet. 

Pretty much impossible to end up not being aggressively rad when your dad is Shane Dorian. But still. The fact remains that this kid is cooler than you'll ever be and we just need to accept that fact and move on with our loser lives. Now I'm gonna go try to beat a bunch of little kids on 'Chel to make myself feel better.