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Izabel Goulart Is Chillin' In The Secret Garden

Today is Monday and Mondays totally blow. I was skimming through the IG this morning looking at a bunch of chicks that would vomit at the sight of me, and stumbled across ol' Izabel here. She's just chillin', being all smoking hot while quarantining in a secret garden. Before we get to her montage, first queue the music. Izabel deserves it:

Thank you, Boss.  Now back to Izabel. She's not a secret garden, she's a fucking forest fire.

PS - Izabel has a perfect Cranston. Absolutely textbook.  Now some people might read that and ask themselves, "WSD, wtf is a Cranston?" which is  a good but also a sad thing.  There are roughly one billion new Stoolies out there, which is good, but it's sad that this word has kinda become extinct over time, as it used to be thrown around in the Barstool world quite frequently.

I'm not one with words (obviously) so I won't define it for you; I'll let the good people at Urban Dictionary do so instead:

Cranston Gap (noun): The little space between a girls upper thighs and just below her cooter as she stands or walks with legs together. The open space forms the shape of an upside down triangle. 

I don't know why we've evolved from using the word "Cranston" on Barstool or otherwise, but I am using this blog as a means to bring it back. If nothing else, it's just a kinda hilarious word to describe the space between a woman's thighs and ass cheeks.