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This Quarantine Meme Trend HAS To Stop

Memes are like what drafting a quarterback in the NFL used to be - incredibly hit or miss. 

The ones that hit will have 60K retweets and are absolute fire while the ones that miss just absolutely make you cringe and only laugh because of the people who share them. 

To be clear, these usually come while scrolling on Facebook. Ohhh Facebook memes. They're the end of the Al Davis era Raiders of memes. 

Unfortunately, I've noticed more of the latter developing with a certain trend during these quarantimes, and it's got to stop. What is it? 

People shitting on really, really good broadcasters for no reason. 

So many people with bad angled selfies with a dog kind of in the background while the dude is sitting in the front seat of his car sharing these on your Facebook feed. Basically your uncle that REFUSES to hear that LeBron could possibly be somehow better than Michael Jordan

It's like a switch flips in white people's heads when they turn 45+ that the epitome of comedy is letting everyone know how much they don't want to listen to these announcers. 

How many times have you been at a friends / family gathering and your neighbor or uncle or grandpa says "Collinsworth? Geeez wish I wouldn't have forgotten my earplugs," then playfully hit the 14-year-old dude sitting on his phone on the shoulder because he thinks he's the master comic in the room now? 

The answer is probably every get together you've been to where a football game is on. 

Making fun of the broadcasters is like talking about the weather or your weekend plans - you don't really have anything else to say or talk about so you just resort to the easiest possible target. 

The fact is that Joe Buck is an all-time play-by-play guy that has narrated some of the best sports moment in history for our generation, and you always learn something from Cris Collinsworth whenever you watch Sunday Night Football - that is if you haven't already muted the TV to put on your hometown broadcast of a 64-year-old dude who can barely see what's happening on the field but you enjoy him more because he, too, refers to your favorite team as "we". 

Could not agree more with Kayce. Not only is Verne a legend for his SEC calls that were the soundtrack to our Saturdays for so long, but he also put up one of the best performances of his career in the 90's classic "Happy Gilmore" that can't and shouldn't go unnoticed as well. 

Times are getting long. We're getting desperate for memes - I get it. But folks, let's stick to posting memes that are somewhere between ones about cats and ones that Mike Leach would be interested in posting. A nice middle ground. 

Just no more Verne or Buck slander.