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Poor Dad-To-Be Absolutely BRICKS A Gender Reveal Shot From Point Blank Range

Congratulations, it's a girl! Now start saving for college because I don't see a basketball scholarship in her future and the state of that hoop tells me there probably isn't a milly sitting in a bank account, which is probably what college will cost by the time that kid graduates high school.

I know this clip is like 18 months old and the baby whose gender was assumed revealed is not only born but has teeth by now. But if everyone else is going to blog about old basketball content from ESPN, you better believe I am going to jump on the bandwagon as well. I guarantee someone atop an org chart in Bristol that saw the ratings from the first two episodes of The Last Dance and immediately demanded the social media team reheat every decent piece of old hoops they had once they are done chirping into every Instagram video with a decent following as they try to keep The Worldwide Leader leading worldwide.


Speaking of which, can you imagine if the poor soul that bricked that shot was one of Michael Jordan's teammates? That sorry son of a bitch would have been lower on the Bulls totem poll than everyone not named Jerry Krause, including Benny The Bull who Michael probably despised for using a trampoline to get his buckets. And before anybody says there is no way a professional NBA player would miss a shot like that, I must remind you of maybe the greatest athlete gender reveal this side of Gordon Hayward's soul leaving his body as he found out he was having a third girl.

Had to include the Hayward reveal just because it is so fucking good.