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A 23-Year-Old French Entreprenuer Sold Shares Of His Brain As $ALEX Tokens And Raised $20,000

Alex Masmej dreams of being a Silicon Valley demi-god. And the 23-year-old Parisian sold himself via an ICO last week to reach that lofty goal.

More specifically, Masmej is selling tokens—called $ALEX—so that true believers in Alex Masmej can buy fractional shares in him and his success. 

Alright so this kid is some sort of "crypto-collectible loan entreprenuer" and started a decentralized marketing initiative (no idea what any of that means). The point of this blog is not to speculate whether purchasing stock in $ALEX would be a good long-term financial decision, but it is because I am absolutely enamored with the fact that this even exists. Like, is this legal? Is this slavery? I guess by definition it's at least a new age form of indentured servitude. Regardless of what it is, I'm INTRIGUED.

According to CoinGecko, one $ALEX token is worth $0.01. He raised $20,000. (He'll pay out up to a total of $100,000 over three years—the rest is Masmej's to keep)

$ALEX hodlers are promised a share of any money he makes in the next three years.

Hmmm.....so the kid gets $20,000 to start his new company or get a job or whatever, and then he'll pay back investors up to $100,000 total and then keep the rest for himself? I don't hate this idea at all. The only problem is that no one really knows what company he's going to start. You're basically investing in his brain, Big Cat style.


The crazy thing here is that Mark Cuban would actually be getting quite the return on investment had he done this deal. This was 4 years ago……and Big Cat wanted $1 million. How much would you pay to own one $BigCat token today? I mean, the guy literally turned playing video games into something I schedule my evenings around. Something that is getting premier Division 1 universities and professional football teams joining in.

This has to be a simulation we're living in. 

I would put every dollar I've ever made to invest in $CAT. But like, that stock price would be higher than a share of Berkshire Hathaway, which is currently trading over $282,000 right now. Basic supply and command. And I'm pretty sure that a key point to making money in the stock market is to Buy Low and Sell High, even though some companies like DDTG have different philosophies.


Either way, I'm pretty sure selling yourself is illegal, so this is probably can't actually happen in the United States. But boy I hope this catches on somehow. Investing in people. Investing in brains. Investing in the success of others. How much more fun would that be than the stock market or even gambling? A live ticker of the rising and falling of people's worth. I'd immediately invest in Myles Garrett and Baker Mayfield. You just wait and see. And even though he's already riding high, Ryan Day's value is about to skyrocket even more. Buy buy buy.

I wonder what a share of Bronny James would cost right now? I went to one of his games and it's already like he's a member of the Beatles. The dude is destined for a year at Duke and then the NBA. Even if he's not good enough to play, his dad still runs the league. 

I can tell you who I'd short today: Joe Burrow. Getting drafted by the Bengals? Yikes. Couldn't imagine a worse place to enter the league.