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Can I Interest You In Bill Walton Talking About The Pilgrims Landing In San Diego, His Bike And Occasionally College Hoops?

There's no start time for this video, because it's Bill Walton and just 35 minutes. What the hell else do you have to do? He rambles from one thing to another so it's impossible to say, the pilgrim story starts at 15:00, college hoops is at 13:00, then again at 18:00, etc. The point is I miss the gigantic weirdo. 

I could listen to Walton talk about anything at this point. In fact, we pretty much already do every Thursday and Saturday night during the college hoops season. After the NCAA Tournament and Raftery, the thing I feel the most robbed about with college hoops ending abruptly was one last run with Bill Walton at the Pac-12 Tournament. 

It's only fitting that this comes out on 4/20 too. Sure, it's low hanging fruit with him and Walton. But could you imagine if the Pilgrims landed in San Diego? I'm not even high and it's all I can think about now. The New England Patriots wouldn't be the Patriots. They'd 100% be a different name. Would it be the San Diego Patriots? Would the American Revolution take place along the Pacific instead? Maybe I need to get high for this now.