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A TV Reporter Accidentally Filmed Her Naked Husband In The Shower

Daily Mail: A local television news reporter from California accidentally filmed her husband naked in the shower while filming a report from the bathroom of her home.

Melinda Meza is a correspondent for KCRA 3 in Sacramento and is usually based in  Joaquin County where she acts as the bureau chief for the region.

However, a lockdown due to coronavirus across the Golden State means most roving reporters are having to broadcast their segments directly from home.

I mean, come on Melinda. This is an almost impossible level of stupidity to let this happen on live television. Seems pretty avoidable. "Hey honey, I'm about to film a 10 second hit in the bathroom where I cut my hair. Can you please just not be naked in the background? Thanks." Easy as that. Some people on Twitter speculated that this was him actually trying to hide, and they just didn't realize the reflection was included in the shot. If you're that nervous about it, maybe just, I don't know, leave the bathroom? Also, I mean what the hell is that guy's shower technique? Just standing there frozen for 10 seconds. Weird. 

Maybe it was an elaborate set up to go viral. Maybe Melinda and her husband just get off on this shit. Who knows? Top notch professionalism by the three anchors back in studio though to keep it rolling though at the end. "Oh she is brave.


Second worst shower filming incident of all time. 

While on the topic of news bloopers, have to give a special shoutout to my favorite one of all time. 

"Keep fucking that chicken"