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Scottie Pippen's Classic Mr. Submarine Commercial Is Making Its Rounds Again

I saw this making the rounds again after the documentary last night. Mostly people making jokes about how Pippen had to make commercials like this because his contract was so bad, but to be honest it's always been revered as a Chicago classic. There are so many of these that are near and dear to peoples heart because they're so ridiculous which I'm sure happened with a bunch of other teams as well. Like there's gotta be a Kevin McHale chili promo or some shit that people in Boston still love to this day. That's how this commercial is for us as well as Eagle Man, Luna, Empire, and so forth.

The 6 footer line is actually good too. Then when you couple that with a couple of Luv-a-Bulls pulling up it really makes it a funny commercial. Some people were telling us to recreate this with J.P. Graziano, but I'd actually feel kinda bad because it seems like Mr. Submarine's aren't exactly what they once were at the time of this commercial. Regardless though credit to them for making an absolute classic that has stood the test of time.