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Bill Cosby Says Sorry For Raping All Those Women, Nope, Just Kidding, He's Going To Win Us Back With Laughter




Well that’s one way to go about it Bill. Just pretend nothing happened and win everyone back with laughter. Throw in a Fat Albert voice.



Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.59.40 AM




And hope everyone is just like, oh yeah, that Cosby guy raped a million chicks buuuuut he did make us laugh and he is doing a string of shows in West Virginia soooo yeah, we’re all good. And you know what, in a weird way, it sort of worked. That video was so strange and odd that I sort of forgot Bill Cosby likes to rape people for a split second. He’s more old weird guy with glass eye that still uses a rotary phone like a pyscho than a rapist, kudos Bill, Mission Accomplished, or something, even though yeah, you’re still the scum of the earth.