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Kick Off 4/20 With Wiz Khalifa Doing The 10 Puff Challenge With His Mom

Like many folks across this great nation, you are probably celebrating today with a little bit of Devil's lettuce in your pipe. Is 4/20 the New Year's Eve of weed smoking? Do stoners look at people smoking today and think, "amateur hour"? I feel like they might. I haven't been a big weed smoker for many years now but I get the feeling people who do smoke look at today as a joke. 

But anyway. Combine the fact that today is 4/20 AND almost the entire country is on lockdown it's safe to say that people are going to be smoking a shit ton of weed today. However, how many of them can say they're smoking with their mom? That number is going to be significantly lower but count Wiz Khalifa among them. He's not only smoking with his mom on instagram live, he's doing the 10 puff challenge with his mom. What a BEAST Mrs. Wiz Khalifa is with those puffs. Good for her. 

Happy 4/20 everyone. Be safe and have fun.