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Bill Cosby Speaks Out For The First Time In A Video Message And It's Weird


Weird as fuck.  Seriously.  I feel like the word sociopath gets thrown around a lot, but Bill Cosby is a sociopath.  Just chillin there in maroon pajamas, smiling and laughing and acting like his entire world isn’t crumbling around him.  Acting like his reputation forever won’t always be that of a rapist instead of a comedian who had an uber popular TV show in the 80s and 90s.  He’s either a sociopath or a guy who just doesn’t give a fuck anymore because he’s so damn old that it’s too late for damage control.  It could be either one.  It might be the latter because he is 77 going on 150.  “I’m far from finished”?  What?  Dude you’re gonna be dead within 3 years.  There’s nothing he can say or do or an amount of money he can donate to any charity to repair his image at this point.  You’re a piece of shit rapist bruh.  That’s what people are gonna say for the rest of time.  No upbeat phone call or deciding to completely ignore what’s going on around him is gonna change that.


Live look-in at Bill Cosby dealing with the 15,000 women who are accusing him of rape

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