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That's A Good Bit!

Today for this blog I'm going with one of my favorite comics to not only work with, but to speak with off stage. Kirk Fox. You might recognize Kirk from Parks and Rec or Community, or Brooklyn Nine Nine to name a few. Great comedian, great actor. This guy is just enlightening. I could listen to his insight and reason on anything. Especially life. I've sat around with him after shows and listened to him turn peoples heads upside down. I often check in with him when I need some serious perspective . He's so damn funny and entertaining. Here are a couple clips of his stand up and his hilarious appearance on Dr. Phil. Great guy to go get lost in his videos.

This dude has a great brain. Here is his Twitter! Give him a follow!  

Here is a set from The Comedy and Magic Club. 


Here is a hilarious appearance on Dr. Phil.