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LA Filled A Skate Park With Sand, So The Skaters Went Ahead And Made It Into A Dirt Bike Track

You may have stumbled upon the story late last week of the skate park in LA being filled with sand as a tactic to enforce social distancing.

This was absolutely no match for the skaters of SoCal, though. They were given a bucket of lemons, so they decided to make lemonade. 

I understand the theory behind government officials blocking off the skate park with sand. I was never a skater, but you don't have to spend a lot of time at a skate park to know they are not the greatest places for social distancing. In theory, it is great, but there is a lot of standing around in groups watching others do tricks. 

This does confirm my theory of you don't get fuck with skaters ability to skateboard or they will take drastic action. Growing up, there was a movie theatre that was right next door to a very nice steak house in my town (West Hartford, Connecticut). Outside of both of these establishments, often times a group of skaters would gather together to do their tricks (is that what you call it? tricks? probably not. Sorry to any skaters listening, I'm just lame as fuck). One night I was leaving the movies and at the same time, a high profile event inside the steak house was being let out. Everyone was dressed to the nines. As the steak house attendees walked by, the skaters didn't stop doing their flips and stuff, which angered one of the older men fresh off his filet mignon. He yelled at the skaters, told them he was going to call the cops, yada, yada, yada. What happened next will stay with me forever. A skater walked calmly over to get his 7/11 slushie and returned to the yelling man to empty it all over his tuxedo and his wife's dress. That was the moment I knew to never fuck with skaters. 

Anyways, thanks for reading my story. The human spirit for freedom is pretty cool, however, it's probably best to just social distance for the time being.